Cham's NEWEST Flagship Program...
Online Course Creation & Marketing Bootcamp
Absolutely FREE!

I started creating my first online course by the end of 2015.

We released it in May 2016 and it earned over 25K.

Since then, I decided to focus on this and was able to launch multiple 4 to 5 figure courses.

And today, for the first time ever, I'm going to reveal how I'm doing this in a COMPLETE

A to Z online course creation, setup, and marketing course!

And I want to share that experience with you.

I'm offering a select group of my students to the opportunity to participate

in a Beta Group for my new Signature Program.

Before I launch this course, I wanna make sure I have a strong group of

motivated people like you going through the course with me...

and getting REAL RESULTS!

To earn your FREE spot inside my beta course, here's how to apply:

Upload a 2-min (or less) video to Youtube

before Dec. 13 @11:59PM EST,

answering the following:

1. Your Name

2. A little about your business or what you do now

3. Do you have any experience in creating an online course? If yes, tell briefly about it.

4. What are the things you want to learn when it comes to online course creation and launching?

5. Tell any specific area in online course creation that you struggle with.

Use the title "Cham's Online Course Beta Scholarship Video Entry: Your Name"

when uploading your video to Youtube.

You can upload the video as UNLISTED (but NOT private).

Send the link to your video to: before Dec. 13 @11:59 PM EST.

Here's what I'm looking for:

I'm looking for people who are SERIOUS in creating and launching online courses.

I want student with great ideas, attitude, and perseverance until they reach their goals.

If I feel like my training can help you, I will most likely pick you.

I'm only selecting between 5 to 10 Beta students.